Fotojet - Online Photo Editing App Reivew

Well, a review request from Angela of Fotojet turns me up. Foto, the same pronunciation of Photo. There are quite a lot online photo editors if you google “Online Photo Editor”, maybe add a “free” will be much better. Here begins. 
Before everything goes on, I need to point one thing: I am a man who never try photo editing before. It is really a hard work for people like that. So everything here is not a review, but something I want to say. 
The first screen of this online photo editing app is something like professional photo editing software, if it is not in browser. 
Browsed all features in this app, I realized that this app is designed for the people who know some skills of Photoshop, like the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. It is helpful for you to erase spots on your face or nose, or make your color better. Yes, the way to make The Ugly Duckling into The White Swan. Just like our friends’ circle, each time they post a selfish photo onto Facebook, you may say, wow, who is that star?
However, this is a big market, female love it crazily. I am the man who was ever young before, trying to dating with female strangers on Internet. Each time I saw their amazing photos, I would like to date with them. But the reality always cracked me down. LOL. 
Fotojet offers a good way for you to make your photo much attractive. No doubt about it. But it has disadvantage as well. Female usually like simple way to beautify their photos, little of them will cost a lot of time to beautify one photo. A selfish photo should be uploaded within one minute. Obviously, Fotojet can’t take this work. What’s more, Fotojet is an online app only, I don’t see there is an app of Fotojet for Android or IOS. Most people will before mobile app to edit their photos and upload. 
But it is wonderful when you know something about photo editing, and want to make a picture as a cover. Cover needs much more than photo beautify technology. So if you are constantly strive for perfection, you’d better use some services like Fotojet. 
In my mind, Fotojet stands between Photoshop and common mobile photo editing apps. Of course, there is no truly free of world. You need to pay monthly or annually for it. $4.99 or $2.91 is not a big price for even one picture of dental laboratories perfect. 

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